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A Long Night On Mars

We trained for this mission for years and two weeks into it everything went wrong.

It came from out of the deep, starting after we descended into the nearby caves on a routine exploration mission. At first, Doc thought it was some sort of sickness, but it soon became clear, our crew mates weren't getting sick, they were being possessed. Now these alien entities are out to destroy the base and kill everone in it.

Our flight engineer is prepping our ship for launch, but there's a lot to do - we weren't supposed to leave for another 6 months. Now we have 12 hours to prepare and keep the base operational until the ship is ready to leave.

It's going to be a long night on Mars.

A Long Night On Mars is a sci-fi themed social deduction game for exactly 4 players. In this game, each player secretly takes on the role of an astronaut trying to save the base and escape the planet, or a possessed crew member out to destroy the base and everyone in it.

Over the course of the night, various things go wrong on the Mars base and it's up to you to fix it... or not. Players must work together to keep the base operational through careful allocation of dwindling resources, while their possessed crewmate attempts to sabotage their plans. There's not enough spare parts to fix everything on the base and prep the shuttle for launch and each player has their own set of priorities concerning what should be fixed and what shouldn't.

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