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I.C.E. Breakers - Now Available For Purchase

I'm super pleased to announce that I.C.E. Breakers is now available for purchase for only $7.99!

I.C.E. Breakers is a cyberpunk-themed micro game wherein two players go head to head, launching their own cyber-attacks against the coprorate Data Grid to secure the most valuable programs to gain money and score points.

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What is a micro game? Micro games are, as the name implies, small games usually (but not always) consisting of a small deck of cards and sometimes a minimal number of tokens or dice. They're fast-paced and meant to be played quickly.

I.C.E. Breakers is no exception. The game is quick to learn and plays in about 5 or 10 minutes, so you can easily get in a couple of rounds between class, while waiting for the rest of your game group to show up, or anywhere you have a flat surface and a few minutes of free time.

Complete instructions are included in the download.

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