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I.C.E. Breakers - Announcing The Deluxe Edition!

We're pleased to announce that we now have a deluxe edition of I.C.E. Breakers available for purchase!

The deluxe edition condition sells for $11.99 and includes the following upgrades:

  • Printed Rule Booklet - No need to look up the rules on your phone or download them from our website.
  • 10 Transulucent Purple Tokens - Most people want to play more than one round of I.C.E. Breakers at once, so these tokens allow you to keep track of winners over multiple rounds.
  • Upgraded Packaging - We've upgraded from printed card envelope to a deck box, in order to accommodate the new components and give you a more durable storage option.

I.C.E. Breakers is a cyberpunk-themed micro game wherein two players go head to head, launching their own cyber-attacks against the coprorate Data Grid to secure the most valuable programs to gain money and score points.

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