I.C.E. Breakers

2 players, 5-10 minutes to play

ICE Breakers is a microgame of tactical set collection in which two players take on the roles of hackers engaging in corporate espionage.

I.C.E. Breakers plays in 5-10 minutes. It's fast and light, but its speed is a part of the fun. Players compete against one another to take down The Grid and collect the most nuyen (¥) by securing valuable data in their Run.

What's In The Box

I.C.E. Breakers has recently received an upgrade!

The new edition includes the following upgrades:

  • Printed Rule Booklet - No need to look up the rules on your phone or download them from our website.
  • 10 Transulucent Purple Tokens - Most people want to play more than one round of I.C.E. Breakers at once, so these tokens allow you to keep track of winners over multiple rounds.
  • Upgraded Packaging - We've upgraded from printed card envelope to a deck box, in order to accommodate the new components and give you a more durable storage option.

Read the rules

I.C.E. Breakers is simple to learn and suitable for ages 8 and up. We publish the game rules online, so you'll always have access to the latest version.

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