Game Rules

HACKtheGRID is a microgame of tactical set collection in which two players take on the roles of hackers engaging in corporate espionage. Players compete against one another to take down The Grid and earn the most nuyen (¥) by collecting valuable data in their Run.

2 Player Icon Ages 8+ Icon 5-10 Minutes Icon


Shuffle all 16 Grid Cards and lay them out, face-up, in a 4x4 grid. Next, place each player’s Avatar Card (“HACKER”) by the top left corner of The Grid, as shown below. During the game, one player will move along the top of The Grid, while another moves along the side of The Grid.

Flip a coin to determine who goes first.


On their turn, players will first move their Avatar Card along their edge of The Grid. Then, they will collect the card that is intersected by both Avatar Cards and place it in front of them, adding it to their Run. The Run is built from left to right and cannot be rearranged.

Players do not have to move their Avatar Card on every turn, but they must collect a card on their turn and may not place their Avatar Card in a position such that they cannot claim a card.

The next player then takes their turn and play, continues back and forth like this until all 16 cards have been claimed or no more cards are able to be claimed.


Players are restricted to moving only on their side of The Grid. The player who starts on the left side of The Grid cannot move to the top or bottom, and the player starting on the top cannot move to a side.

End Game Scoring:

If there are cards remaining in The Grid, then the Run was unsuccessful, and both players lose.

Players earn victory points equal to the amount of ¥ collected, as outlined on the cards in their Run. Additionally, for every Array of 2 or more cards of the same color within their Run, players earn an additional victory point for each card in the Array.

The Cards:

  • SCRAMBLE: -3¥ - allows you to swap a card (other than SCRAMBLE) in your program with a card in your opponent’s program. Swapped cards do not rearrange program order. If you do not have another card to exchange, you simply score -3 points.
  • SIGNAL SPIKE: 2¥ per card
  • FIREWALL: 0¥ each if you have one firewall, 1¥ each if you have two, -1¥ each if you have all three.
  • LOOPBACK: 4¥ each if you have one, 1¥ each if you have more than one.
  • NET NODE: 0¥ each if you have one, 1¥ each if you have two, 2¥ each if you have all three.
  • DATA PACKET: 1¥ each if you have one or two, 2¥ each if you have all three.


The most important thing to note about cards is that collecting sets often affects ¥ value. Icons on the cards indicate the value for each card when X number of cards in the set have been collected, not the point value for the set as a whole.

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