Game Resources & Upgrades

Generic Game Components

Below is a collection of free component upgrades and player aids for your games. Many of them are STL files that you can 3D print, some are PDF documents.

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This standee base is designed for standees you may have printed yourself. It securely holds figures printed on standard printer paper or thin card stock, making it great for DIY gaming projects.

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These 20mm heart tokens are a great upgrade for many games; use them to track health in RPGs or CCGs, replace the cubes in Love Letter, etc. Use them in any game that requires tracking wounds or health.

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These 20mm star tokens are a quick-to-print and very versatile component upgrade for many games. Use them to track stamina and power in games and CCGs, or upgrade energy tokens in King of Tokoy. You can even use them as coins. The possibilities are endless.

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This download includes a blank 8x10in hex grid a blank 8x10in square grid, for use with your RPGs. Grid printouts are provided as PDF files, and also as the original Adobe Illustrator files.

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